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Digital wather bath TE-B80D
Digital wather bath TE-B80D

Designed for most applications in the market. With platinum sensor type PT-100 and tubular resistance for immersion in stainless steel. One piece tub. Cabinet, covers and covers in stainless steel. Special fabrications on measures and user specifications.


  • Programmable temperature control, based
  • universal input microprocessor, type
  • P.I.D. or autotuning (auto-tuning), control of
  • phase-saving energy.
  • Ambient temperature range
  • + 5.0o C to 100.0o C.
  • Sensibility ± 0.1o C.
  • Double Display.
  • At the request of the customer they can be manufactured with
  • Ramp control (Control of 9 programs
  • with 4 ramps each and repeat cycle
Modelo  Rampas Exterior WxDxH Int. tina WxDxH Tubos Capacidad Temperatura Amperes Watts
TE-B800 TE-B80R* 50 X 37.5 X 20 cm. 24 x 30 x 15 cm. 80 10.8 Lts. de ambiente a 100º C. 5 600
Sensibilidad: ± 0.1o C.     Uniformidad: Digital ± 0.5o C.  
Voltaje: 120 V.C.A. ± 10%, 50/60 Hz.                
* Modelos con control de rampas.