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Furnace for high temperature TE-M20AT
Furnace for high temperature TE-M20AT

Description Ovens designed for high temperatures. Recommended for thermal treatments in laboratory tests, calcination of organic and inorganic tests, casting tests, tempering tests, etc.


  • Programmable temperature control, based on universal input microprocessor, algorithm type P.I.D.
  • Type B thermocouple sensor
  • Control with 30-segment ramps.
  • MoSi2 heating element.
  • Double interior chamber: One in stainless steel and one with thermal insulation in high density ceramic. Exterior cabinet in carbon steel finished with epoxy or electrostatic paint.
Modelo Exterior WxDxH Cámara WxDxH Capacidad Amperes Watts
TE-M20AT   75 x 53 x 89.5 cm. 15 x 20 x 15 cm. 4.50 Lts. 18.18 4,000
Voltaje: 220 V.C.A. ± 10%, 50/60 Hz. Sensibilidad: ± 1.0 C.
Temperatura máxima: 1,700º C.
La medida exterior es aproximada.