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Vacuum oven TE-HV30D
Vacuum oven TE-HV30D

A vacuum oven is used to protect the heated products or elements from the negative effect of an air atmosphere


  • Temperature control with PID type microprocessor and LED display.
  • Interior stainless steel camera.
  • Double tempered glass door that guarantees the safety of the operation.
  • High degree of vacuum in the chamber.
  • In models TE-HV90D, TE-HV215D:
  • The degree of the vacuum is controlled automatically with visualization through a dial gauge.
  • In models TE-HV90D, TE-HV215D, TE-HV90DL and TE-HV215DL:
  • The vacuum pump is a standard accessory.
  • In models TE-HV90DL and TE-HV215DL:
  • The vacuum of the camera is operated with microprocessor controller with digital display.
  • The inert gas can be filled in the chamber.
  • The pressure of the inert gas is not higher than 0.1 mpa when filling.
  • The work program can be repeated 99 times.
Modelo Exterior WxDxH Interior WxDxH Capacidad Temperatura Grado de vacío Control de vacío Repisas Watts
TE-HV30D 58.0 x 57.0 x 45.0 cm. 30.0 x 30.0 x 28.0 cm. 25.0 Lts. 50~200 oC <133 Pa Manual 1 Pza. 500
Voltaje120 / 220 V.C.A. ± 10%, 50/60Hz. *Incluyen medidor de vacío. NO INCLUYE BOMBA
Fluctuación: ±1.0 °C