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Pump KNF N840.1.2 FTP
Pump KNF N840.1.2 FTP

The N series chemically resistant diaphragm pumps 840.1.2 are double head and operation devices dry used in a wide variety of applications for laboratories. They transfer and empty without contamination. The heart of these very compact pumps is a diaphragm structured KNF. This patented diaphragm was extremely optimized using the Finite Element method. As a result, we were able to obtain smaller pumps, but at the same time, with a longer life diaphragm


  • Technical characteristics:
  • _ 100% oil-free transfer
  • _ Pure transfer, evacuation and compression
  • _ Highly compatible with vapors and condensing
  • _ Chemically resistant
  • _ Therefore suitable for gases and vapors highly
  • aggressive or corrosive
  • _ Does not need maintenance
  • _ It does not harm the environment.
  • _ Approximate index of gas tightness and leaks
  • 6 x 10-3 mbar x l / s, not tested in series production

Información técnica

N 840.1.2 FTP

Discharge  (l/min)1)


Final vacuum (mbar abs.)                         


Operating pressure (bar g)                      


Tube connectors (mm)                

DI 10

Room temperature and tolerable gas

+5...+40 °C

Voltage / Frequency



Supply network

IP 44

Power P1

270 W

Operating current

1,9 A


12.6 kg

Dimensions wxdxh (mm)